Zorin 17 discount

Reading the comments in the link you posted, it appears many Redditors were very quick to correct the O.P.'s assumptions.
All a user needs to do to understand the work that goes into Zorin OS is to look over the repositories.

According to Artyom Zorin directly, they have not taken any breaks since the beginning of last year and this past holiday season, they were too busy to spend the holidays with friends and family.

This becomes a catch-22 for a developer, in trying to meet customer queries and then being told you are too slow in doing so.

Undoubtedly, you have encountered a processing error. As @swarfendor437 suggested, contacting the ZorinGroup (The only people that have access to account information) would be the proper way to address this. And doing so is ethical since it may help other users if a processing error has affected more than just you.