Zorin 17 discount

Hello all!
I remember I have a discount on Zorin 17 and now it is gone.
It was some time discount?

Hi Bourne, I think you need to contact Team Zorin on this via the customer support request page:

Hi @swarfendor437 Thank you for advice.
I still have 16 pro and it is usable.
Besides here is fresh rumour about Zorin buying or not version Pro.
Here he sayed Zorin 17 taken some cosmetics Gnome.

Reading the comments in the link you posted, it appears many Redditors were very quick to correct the O.P.'s assumptions.
All a user needs to do to understand the work that goes into Zorin OS is to look over the repositories.

According to Artyom Zorin directly, they have not taken any breaks since the beginning of last year and this past holiday season, they were too busy to spend the holidays with friends and family.

This becomes a catch-22 for a developer, in trying to meet customer queries and then being told you are too slow in doing so.

Undoubtedly, you have encountered a processing error. As @swarfendor437 suggested, contacting the ZorinGroup (The only people that have access to account information) would be the proper way to address this. And doing so is ethical since it may help other users if a processing error has affected more than just you.

I understable the all projects are diffrents linux distributions.
I understable also support projects developers.
I don't understable people who doing a rumours about Zorin distributions like a people's dissatisfaction and blaming Zorin's distribution and making a big issue out of it and expanding it on other sides what gived no choice to trying Zorin distribution people because someone sayed only cosmetics.
I am every day in contact some devs another distributions and I know how many it takes time.
This link on reddit a people who is not happy with Zorin it gived for me some annoying for people who appreciate a time what brothers Zorin gived on them Zorin distribution.
That is only just my opinion.

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That was my finding reading it also.
Also remember Zorin Bros have to work hard to mitigate the adverse upstream dev changes in order to maintain the look and feel we enjoy from each version of ZorinOS, so it works intuitively for Windows migrants as intended.

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@Aravisian Can you more explain that "We will continue to support Zorin OS 17 with software updates until at least June 2027, and you will be able to use Zorin OS 17 Pro for life." I mean the last sequence "for life".
But I am also reading in future will be Zorin 18 and then Zorin 17 will be not supported then i tried find a conclusion "for life" or missunderstable something.

I believe this simply means exactly what it says.
You can use Z17 (like most OS) as long as you wish, even beyond its support period. It does not self-combust or lock when support runs out.
Same would apply to WinXP for example.

LTS releases have a pre-determined Life Span of how long they will receive critical and security updates.
The set life span for LTS is Five Years.
As @zabadabadoo pointed out, while a product may no longer get support, you can continue using that product after EOL. There are many people still running Zorin OS 9 and Zorin OS 12 today.

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Yes. I also using android with version 8 and i still get updates.
Of course not security but software yes.

It might interest you to know, that the Boeing 777 is old enough to use Windows XP on its specialized maintenance terminal. Do you know how they get away with it? Because its Faraday caged off from the outside world, it has no internet access with the rest of the plane, nor does it have wireless access. So security updates are not important to them.

And do you know why they are still using Windows XP? Because believe it or not, when it comes to Windows, Windows XP was one of the best operating systems ever made. It runs the touch screen maintenance terminal on the tripple 7 perfectly. It doesn't suffer crashes, it doesn't BSOD, not once!

The only bad thing that can be said is the maintenance terminal is very slow, takes forever to boot up into Windows XP, and navigating through the stylus based touch screen menu's is slow in performance. But you know what? It works! And so this is why many of the long range triple 7's from the early 2000's, are still running this OS on their terminals.

Now when the Boeing 787 the flying plastic composite princess was released, they integrated the maintenance terminal into the main flight computer, so there is no longer a need to have a separate station, and of course, thats running on highly updated navigation software.

So I agree with the other's who said, just cause support eventually ends for Zorin OS 16.3, doesn't mean it automatically becomes a bad OS. You can continue to use it for life if you wanted. And furthermore, if you did the same thing and Faraday caged off your OS 16.3 terminal, you could use it for life, without worry about needing security updates.

What I love about Linux, is it provides freedom. What I don't like about Gnome developers, is they are taking away freedom, fighting the FOSS policies. The only reason I could think of without looking into it, is they must be doing this for money reasons. Cause every bad decision in human society, can be traced back to money.


XP is also used on any touch minibank, photo booth, military u.s.a district, in the fabrics what produce parts. It exist everywhere but marketing and business want tell youu everything is newest and better.
The springtime is comes and my creativity to create a things to working and "clear a garage".

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