Private Internet Access VPN issues?

Not sure if this is normal behaviour, but I've installed PIA and logged in, but when the VPN is active, my wifi icon shows a "?" overlaid on the signal bars. I understand this is normal behavior, however I have issues accessing various websites, plus cannot run software updates or search for new application while in this state.

Just want to confirm if this is intended behavior

You should still be able to do updates and access websites, unless you are using some odd countries IP that is banned.

I do not recommend installing and using any VPN's software, every one of them are buggy whether on Linux or Windows.

When you use this type of 3rd party software there is no telling what it does, you would have to ask over at PIA why it is doing what it is.

There is already a section built in within the network settings to use a VPN. I highly suggest you use that. Go to networking, upload your open file, enter your username and password, done. Couldn't be easier and more trouble free.

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Fair enough - I've been using PIA for a good half decade with zero problems on Windows, it's rock solid, so I figured it wouldn't be any different on Linux. Thanks for the info

I agree with DeanG.
App experiences vary. While you have had a good experience for a long time; it has now come to an end LOL...

Using a VPN is more about marketing Security for profit than it is about a reliable and acceptable means of actual security.
I am not saying that VPN's are useless.
I am saying that they are not as useful or robust as people want to believe.

The reality of a VPN is that it should not be run non-stop as people often do.
It is something that should only be used when needed.
And VPN's as a service are great for convincing users to open their checkbook under promises of illusions...
But in reality, the best port monitor is You.

I do not trust my port monitoring to any third party.

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1000% Agree...........

This, this right here as well...... Using it to browse the internet and do Anime postings on Reddit with a VPN on isn't something that is needed.

I use my VPN's for specific purposes and for specific things.


A good analogy would be if a person is making a Direct Connection from their computer to transfer money from one account to another account.
Needless to say, they would want a connection that is secure, not very visible and is efficient.

Now, let's say that this person starts getting a bit paranoid and things that the system they use for those banking transactions should be left on all the time to really make them feel safe in all things.
It ruins the purpose.
The Quick Transaction method allows for the connection to remain not very visible and in obscurity. But leaving it on for longer periods of time invites it being spotted. The longer it is running, the more tasty it will smell to port sniffing.
Its brevity in use is what is its advantage.
Longer periods increase vulnerability.

You might use an Electrical Generator at your home for providing emergency assistance. But you know that leaving it running 24/7 hoping to lower your electrical bill is not going to end well.
Running more security takes more resources. Longer running becomes a resource hog.

Now, many of the marketed applications for these products know this. What this means is, in order for their applications to work - more or less, they must run a reduced version in order to allow it to run for longer periods of time.
So, they turn to other marketing gimmicks to Build User Confidence in their product.
For example, I have seen some advertise that their company... (cough) "Scans the deep and the dark web for traces of your personal information."


That is not possible. No, really... Not Possible. What makes the dark web *dark is that it is not indexed. There is simply zero (0) way of scanning it. They are lying.
And if they will lie to you; why trust your security to them?

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