Pro 16 Download extremely slow

I just recently bought Zorin Pro 16 and have been trying to download it, unfortunately, the download speed is extremely slow for whatever reason.
Is there an alternative download source cause the site that I am downloading it from clearly has either connection issues to me or is overloaded or could have any number of other issues. I have a fast connection to other sites and fast download speed so I know it's not just an issue with my internet. If you know of any alternative download source I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

That right there... If you wait five minutes, you might see a drastic increase in speed. This is not unusual to see a moments waiting yields a faster dl time.
But the Official Release of Zorin OS 16 Just Happened so, the crowd is big and the line is long...
Many people do find that trying again after a moment gives a quicker download.

Others have had some luck with a Download Manager - though I would actually not recommend that route...

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There are some download mirror sites listed here:

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