Pro - Windows 10 layout?

Thinking of upgrading to Pro, if only for the layouts, and for windows there's Windows 11 and Windows Classic. Is there any way to achieve the Windows 10 layout?

There are several windows style layouts they more resemble windows 7, 8, and 9x/XP styles

You could always try something like this, if you wanted a Windows 10 clone -

But mileage may vary for how smoothly it runs (I haven't tried this one out)

But here is my desktop with the standard 'Windows' Zorin Layout and the mars Candy icon pack so you can see how the desktop / menu will look :slight_smile:

ps. the conky script on the right not included lol

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As for the icons, try these.


This desktop was setup on 16 core with the addition of the arc menu extension and a downloaded start icon. Not my favorite look , but pro is not needed to get a windows 10 or 11 look if you like. The theme, icon, and shell are shown in the tweak tool. :wink:

Just for some rainy afternoon fun, Win 11 Look on my Budgie desktop.


Winged1, I like the conky. Good size and simple.

That is the show time applet on budgie. The font, size and position are adjustable.


You can achieve the best Windows 10 look by installing KDE Plasma and adding Tiled Menu:


I'm a fan of the Tiled Menu. Set up my Mint XFCE menu that way.
Always wondered if possible to do the same with Lite. I tried once, no joy.

KDE has some global themes for Win 10 and 11 if you like that look.

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I mainly used it for work purposes, but now I use this layout:


Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. :slight_smile:

I tried KDE on Zorin prior. As much as I like KDE, I didn't like having to select which to use on sign in, and it just seemed to run different. Being I've never had Zorin (meaning, non-Lite) as my daily driver this long, and it works well, want to just keep it as it is, which is pretty damn good. I waited so long for 15 Lite to come out, I used Regular and learned to really like it. I use Lite on my laptop, however, Lite is still

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