Problem adding Google account with active 2FA (YubiKey)

There is problem with adding Google Account with 2fa. I have YubiKey 2FA on my google accounts, and I am unable to add it.

If I disable 2FA, it is OK. Obviously the "native" browser does not support hardware keys.

Are you on Zorin OS 16 or 17?
By native browser, are you referring to FireFox?

I ask because on Zorin OS 17, Firefox has been changed to default Flatpak instead of as an APT supplied package. Flatpaks are more isolated from the system and may have difficulty accessing root packages when they need to be able to.

I think I have the same problem. I am unable to connect my System Tools --> Online Accounts --> Google

I have enabled the google Advanced Protection Plan on my account (2FA with a security key, a Yubikey)

After I enter my email address, complete the captcha, I am asked for my password. After I enter my password the process seems to hang as it somehow waits for the 2FA (Yubikey) but I am not prompted to provide the key. This process doesn't timeout or complete.

It looks like a Gnome problem to me.