Problem after Installation with my SSD and the whole GiB

Hey Guys,
when i use the Automatic Installation and Partitionmanagement my SSD cause in damage.
I have an 240 GiB SSD and if i make the patition on it in the Normal way, i can only Use 225 GiB in case of the Partition.
after installing Zorin it uses the Whole SSD with 238 GiB in Partition but it can't work Properly in case of using too much space what is not useable out of the SSD...
and takes Damage to the Hardware...
i think there must be a bug or another Failure in the automation from the partition process
does anyone can try out the same process in this case i think there must be a better way without damaging any hardware like an cheap SSD

greets Thhunder

P.S.: i used the 16.1 Installer and the 16.2 as well

Did you have Windows installed on the hard drive already?

Do you want Zorin to take over the entire disk?

How are you making the partitions?

Exactly what damage is it doing? Damage would mean the drive doesn't work at all

Before just trying to install, did you read the instructions on the website?


there was an old Windows installation bevore on the Disk yes, but i clean up the whole disk bevore i used it for Zorin so it was a clean unpartionated Disk like a brand new one.
Yes i want to use the entire disk with Zorin as the only one OS installed on the system.
i did nothing to the partitions i used the automatic installer to use the entire disk and install zorin inside the LVM passwordprotected Partition.
Zorin is installing it on the entire disc by itself and is using more disc-space as the disk has... and this damages the disk in the case that it has no space to deal with itself normaly i know if i make a partition on the disk from 240 GiB i can use only something like 228 GiB but in Zorin it shows me up the whole 240 GiB as useable and thats a way too much and after i try to do it by myself i noticed that the system says ther are some broken sektors on the disk and also i get problems to create new partitions by myself on that disk after i reinstalled it 3 - 4 times by the automatic installation

You're contradicting yourself. Either you want Zorin to use the whole disk or you don't. Which is it?

Nothing is being damaged by Zorin, nothing.

Well there's part of your problem right there by your own words that has nothing whatsoever to do with Zorin. Your hard drive already has bad sectors.

I'm not sure why you felt the need to "clean" the drive before installing Zorin. Perhaps whatever you used to clean the drive also broke the drive.

When installing, you should choose something else and tell the installer which partitions to make for install and how much space you want it to have. But even if you do get it installed this still doesn't address the fact you have bad sectors on a drive. How old is this drive?

My suggestion to you is that you get yourself a new hard drive.

Preventing e-waste and salvaging older hardware is what makes Linux extra great.

Sadly... hard drives are not something that can be salvaged except by disassembly and repair.
If the Drive has bad sectors and other drive damage, it can and will continue to get worse until the hard drive fails.
This is especially true on HDD, where a spinning drive can compound damages swiftly.
On SSD, there is an upper limit as to how many read/write cycles it can withstand and that can cause drive failure to quickly spread.
SSD that is approaching its end of life is severely unreliable and unpredictable.

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Even a drive wiping program shouldn't damage the drive.

@Thhunder I would do this, Boot from your Zorn USB media into the live session launch the disk utility, select the desk and the list of available drives, there's an option to run a smart check on the drive do that and see what the report says. (I'm not next to my computer right now so I cant grab a step-by-step)

In my experience SSDs just fail catastrophically. Exactly in the same way thumb drives you they just stop working.

If the Smart test comes back good use the disk utility to clean the drive then create a single MS-DOS fat 32 partition for the entire drive. Reboot and install Zorin. Zorinal resize and write over the fat 32 partition as it needs. I saw one time drive wiping utilities "bricking" drives but what ended up happening is the drive was GPT and the wrong type of partition information (mbr) was imposed upon the drive by the wipe utility when it wrote the random data and that caused all kinds of funny issues. And at least at the company I was working with that time it caused issues with Norton Ghost and the fix then was to use Windows PE and run the dispark clean command on the drives and then reinstall windows. Something similar may have happened here.


Hello again,
so my Drive is used 3 Times to make an test-installation the drive by itself is 5 Month old and used now 5 times to make an test-installation i did not use any disk-wipe tools.
I did a "clean" by deleting the partitions and have it done new in an windows setup-routine 2 Times and all what i got was a partion with arround 228 GB of usable disk-space in windows. i installed Zorin 16.1 one time and after that installation i got an usable partition with 238 GB of usable disk-space what is a way too much i think and thats all what i did in the Automatic install process of usinge the whole disk for Zorin - after that i did a second installation with Zorin 16.2 with the Same result on the Same Lenovo T440p Laptop
Thats why i'm thinking there must something going wrong during the autmatic installation and Partitionating process with the two installer and if i use an debian with the automatic installer it only got the whole disk as an 228 GB useable disk after installtion too so i don't know what is going on and i'm trying to figure out and asking here in the case that i think there is something not ok during the automatic partitionation process in Zorin but i don't know what....
i will try to make a test with the smart parameters and also try to make the FAT32 partition and maybe it could be helping out with a clean mbr to try the installtion again....

Possible to share a picture using gparted ? I think some storage is saved for other use (swap).

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So you have Windows on the disk as well? I'm very confused as to what you actually have on the disk and what it is you're actually doing here.

But if you have Windows installed Linux isn't going to use the whole disk right here because there are additional partitions that WIndows makes that Linux will not take over. And since you have a Lenovo Laptop which no doubt came with Windows I'm willing to bet you have a protected partition for re-install of Windows.

You do understand say for example, a 500 gb disk, you're not actually going to be able to use 500 gb, Yes? No?

So if you're using a 250 gb disk, you're not actually going to have 250 gb of free space, you're going to have less than that as you would on 500 gb. Windows is going to output the size of the disk as a smaller number.

I'm not even sure the purpose or reason for doing this at all.

You also stated you had bad sectors, it doesn't matter if the drive is 5 years or 5 months old, it could be failing.

I agree with @Michel you need to post a picture of your disks to see what is going on here...

becasue flash nand don't have sectors to go bad like traditional harddisks, typically when ssd fail they out right fail either become read only, fail totally (won't mount) or all data is corrupt. The SSD if i read correctly reported a incorrect about of space (extra) after a disk wiping application was used. doing a low level format as fat32 will put a new pt and mft on the drive and alleviate issues surrounding improper pt/mft creation. - the SMART test is to see if there are any tests that fail catastrophically just in case.

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Hello guys,
so i testet the SSD and te smart-tests says it has to be used with care but seems like to be okay.
the reformatting doesn't fit the problem, Zorin is also trying to get rid more of space as it usaly can use a normal debian or windows installation doesn't take that full space in the automatet installation process.

and also I'm sorry for the late response to this topic. in the last month i had some private Trouble... but it's okay now :slight_smile:

You don't need swap when it comes to SSD's only HDD.

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