Problem "boot not found"

I've been using Zorin os for 2 months. I went back to windows 10 to finish my youtube projects "because I didn't find good editing apps" and I was planning to go back to Zorin Os after I finish my projects.
So everything went good until I was supposed to boot Zorin OS on my usb to install it on my computer. So when I restarted the pc it shows "boot file not found"(it was more detailed but I don't remember because my usb died) then I had the screen try installing Zorin OS I press the key enter but there was a black screen. But now I can't use the usb it was connected to the pc. The pc detect it but it can't open it. Reset it, nothing. If someone could help me it will be nice.

You mentioned USB dying. Have you got a new one? If you think you can just install Zorin directly from live USB it isn't going to work as you need to make space by using Windows Disk Management tool to shrink your C:\ drive/partition. You also need to check that your machine doesn't have 4 Primary partitions if Windows 10 is using mbr (master boot record) for the partitions. Not an issue if GPT enabled drive.

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