Problem In Understanding Some Terms

I Runned ifconfig command And It Showed Me This

After Seeing This command I'm Confused Because According To A Tutorial It Should Have Something like wlan0 but instead of this its showing wlp6s0 now please tell me whats wlp6s0 here and how should i bring wlan0 here

WLP6S0 is just what your specific computer calls your wireless adapter. I understand your confusion, with so many different brands of computers, all using different hardware options, there is bound to be confusion, especially since we can't cover them all. Hopefully my answer clears that up. :slightly_smiling_face:


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so you are saying basically its just wlan0 but with different name right

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I can't say for certain but I think so. You could post your LSPCI in terminal for us to double check if you wish.

It's like finding your own ID number.

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