Problem install 15.3 installation

I try to install zorin os lite 15.3
With atom processor
I flash it with balena etcher and with rufus
But i cant install error message.
what wrong?
the 32 bit version try to install and have error message
the 64 bit version no problem to install

Two things are wrong.

(1) Zorin OS 16 was released months ago, why are you trying to install OS 15.3?

Solution....Download Zorin OS 16, its faster, its prettier, its better.

(2) NEVER ever used Belena Etcher, its an evil piece of software that never works, and does more harm then good.

SOLUTION.... Download and install Popsicle, its far better in every way, and comes with a built in hash checksum checker. And yes, you should always make sure that an ISO passes its checksum before you actually go to install.

I try to install 15.3 lite 32 bit version
because i installed 64 bit lite version but the computer was slow.
Its a very old model 2011 compag mini with 2 giga ram and a 240 ssd
it has windows 7starter
i change myself the hard disk and the ram.And thermal past in processor.
Its two core processor atom by intel 64bit
which is the most zorin version for this notebook?

2GB of RAM? Your actually better off with Zorin OS 12.4, yes its no longer supported for security updates, but dude, it would run way smoother on that old hardware.

Yep, your Compaq computer is about as old as my workstation computer. My workstation also has 2-cores, but I have more RAM then you do, and so that makes a huge difference in its ability to run gnome on OS 16.

Dude, I am impressed that you went as far as not only switching out the hard drive, to more then likely an SSD I bet, but you also changed out the thermal paste on the CPU, which probably really needed it bad!

My workstation machine could probably use a thermal paste replacement as well. But I have 0-motivation to do it, as long as the idle temps don't sky rocket to 60C to 80C lol.

What "error message" did you see?

Note, until recently I was running Z15.3 Core on a 2Core cpu with just 2.25G RAM. No problems. (I dont do gaming or CAD on it). It now has upgrade to 4GB RAM.

The thermal paste i changed it with a friend and because the notebook its to small whas very difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! we put the best thermal paste and notebook now its cool and stable.With win 7 starter
i put the max ram 2 giga i know its bad.
the laptop are big and easily change the thermal paste but in this specific notebook was nightmare..............
you must put out the motherboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now the temp is 10c bellow
My friend said that and in new laptops and desktops they put the most cheap thermal paste.So after about 4 years all laptops desktops computers overheat..................its All about money.........................
Thanks a lot

Zorin OS 15.3 Lite is supported until April of 2023. It is a solid and well-tested OS.

Please relay what error message you saw.

I forgot it.Because i put again win 7 starter.
maybe i try again
something i think the kernel is missing

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