Problem with a black screen

Ok. This is what I discovered. Remember when I talking about my Lenovo graphic card have a problems in linux? The problem could be a drivers from a side a monitor or a cable hdmi>display port. I doing some research and I discovered there are two types display port. Passive and Active. How I can know what my monitor or a cable what i bought is passive or active or how i update my monitor with drivers to resolve that problem? Where is the problem? I connected the same gpu graphic to the old monitor with displayport>DVI and evereything on screen. Anyone have some advice or solution?

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I could be wrong, but as I understand it, Adapters can be active or passive, not the ports on the computer.

What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active DisplayPort Adapters?.
Then a cable is for changing or monitor not support a cable or gpu? I am dumb - need translator or book fo dumber. xD
So my monitor don't have a drivers or I need adapter to get a screen?

Ok. The another issue what i found when win11 is on hard disk and processor have integrated gpu and i have installed a external gpu graphic card and also in bios auto he have a problem to choice which one to use.

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