Problem with analog audio on an HP chromebook

A few days ago I decided to change to Zorin, because my laptop came with Chrome Os and this system is limited, but I ran into the problem that no sound comes out or audio doesn't come in, nor does it recognize headphones in the 3.5 jack, it's not hardware because you could hear it before i switch to Zorin, someone please help me.

Can you give me the make and model number of it?

Of course it is Hp Chromebook 14 G4 and the specifications with the lspci command is as follows

I did some research and apparently some people on Ubuntu 20.04 had some success from updating the kernel. But before I suggest that I am going to allow some of our more skilled problem solvers to take a look at this to see what they think.

Thank you!!!! I stay alert then

I update data, it does not detect usb in the file browser either, but it does in the terminal

Let's give them more information for when they can look this over.

Run these couple of commands

sudo apt install inxi

then paste the output of

inxi -Fxxxrz

Not sure if it will be helpful but it could be. Could save some time later. That should give as much information about your system as they could possibly want lol


As this is a Chromebook, you may need more packages - Chromebooks in their stock state are locked behind proprietary drivers.
Please see here:

To install the SOF Firmware:

sudo apt install git -y

git clone git://

cd linux-firmware/

cp -va intel/ /lib/firmware/

sudo update-initramfs -u

Reboot and test...

Permission denied... Let's try:

sudo -i

cd /home/$USER/linux-firmware

cp -va intel/ /lib/firmware/

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