Problem with audio using dac

I have a problem with audio using DAC.
I have a normal voice and audio and it sometimes louder like a battle ants on old tv black and white. What it could be? Connection is on printer a cable usb.
On photo what i mean a sound.


Changed a cable usb for printer and problem was fixed.

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What a strange glitch...

I hope it helped but again it comes. All day it working ok. I don't know what it could be. Before I used creative sound blaster on pci express, connected with DAC ON SIGNAL AUDIO CABLE. You know what i mean that red light inside a yes optical audio cable, and now i have connected to the a motherboard with printer a cable. I am wondering what it could be? This was working very good. Now i am wondering which way this is problem? If i disconnect and connect dac. I mean switch off and on the sound going to back.
It was before i have that problems and wrote somewhere here. It is propably something wrong with alsa and pipewire or settings. All day it could be mostly ok and in one moment harsh what could damaged sound ears or headphones drivers.

You could try looking at your "Activity" from the "My Posts" forum menu. But as you post often, that may be difficult. Or could use the forum search facility if you can remember something of what you wrote.

I assume you thought you had fixed it with the cable change, but not really, as the problem has come back? Have you tried a different USB port, maybe USB2 instead of USB3, or vice-versa.

Well if the dac will be damaged then voice all time could be harsh. I changed usb port. I mean distortion that harsh what i mean.
Do you think so it could be in linux some updates audio drivers with pipewire?
This is what i remember, last time when sound was awfull. I doing a command in terminal alsa restart systemctl or something that. The same what click push button off and one the same reaction. Before i used soundcard and no problems with optical cable audio. The optical cable before was connected with soundcard but not motherboard and no problems. I used dac on two pc the optical cable was connected with one pc with print a cable and no problems. Another pc was connected with optical signal audio cable with another pc.

Are you are sharing the DAC with 2 computers?
If you are using USB (copper wired) from both, then that could introduce conducted interference or ground loop issues.
If using optical cables, they are non-conductive, so should not result in conductive interference.

If you think this problem has started since a linux kernel update, have you tried booting the previous kernel to test sound.

I installed another linux distribution and now the sound is ok. I used pulseaudio.
Maybe it propably was problem with pipewire.

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