Problem with Download OS Zorin 16 Pro

Hello everyone,

I purchased Zorin OS 16 Pro today after testing the Core variant for a few days.
The payment process worked fine. Then I received a mail with the download link. For me, the download always breaks at about 2.1 GB.
I tried it from a computer with "Linux Mint 20" and a computer with "Zorin OS 16 Core". With both from the home network. Then I even tried it with a Windows 10 machine on the company network. There I was able to download over 3 GB, but then I still got a network error.

Where can I turn to get an alternate download, or any help at all?

thanks and regards,

I have now contacted Zorin support directly with my registration number. I have not seen this possibility before. Now I wait and see if I can get further there.



Hi Acid_303 and welcome to the forum.

There has been a lot of people downloading pro, even i experienced a slow download speed that picked up halfway through. It depends on when you download and how many others are trying at that time. The Zorin Group is addressing this at a reasonable rate. Please be patient and attempt at different times.


I am writing these lines now with "Zorin OS 16 Pro" (yeahh). I was provided an alternative download via Google Drive by support. This then worked great.

Thanks and greetings


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