Problem with hardware on Z16

I tried 16.3 Zorin Pro Lite on hardware cpu i5 -3570 without success but 17.1 working without problem. I don't know why.
I installed mint and it working but Z17.1 Core could be heavy then will waiting and waiting on Z17 Lite.

Zorin 17/17.1 has a newer kernel and thus has support for newer hardware. It's possible that 16.3 is too old for new hardware if you have a newer PC after about 2020/2022.

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I tried again and it installation going OK.
Propably it was some server issue when installing Z16 Pro Lite.
Working ok. intel i5 -3570 the first number is generation processor 3 gen - ivy bridge 4 gen i7 - 4790 - haswell intel i5 - 10400 10 generation comet lake.