Problem with installation JForex platfom

Hi all. I am new to linux. I try to install trading platform JFOREX from Dukascopy. Platform is available for Linux but for some reason I cant install it on my pc.

Try these commands;

sudo chmod +x ./JForex*

after that


No. That doesn't work. I got massage file is not in directory or something like that. Jforex is in Java, I new to Linux and I don't have clue how to install this thing.

If you use the standard file manager from Zorin;

  • you have to navigate to the directory
  • then right click, click on Open in terminal
  • and fill in the commands; sudo chmod +x ./JForex*
  • after that the command; ./JForex*

(Use "JForex*" if this is the only JForex file in the directory, else you will have to type the full name.

Wanted to know what the app looked like so I installed it, worked fine. But I needed a login-id and password.

Thank you, I will try this when I back home.

thanks :grinning:

Great, I got this far.

Screenshot from 2021-10-02 23-27-11

Good to know.
Would say, give it a go Joe.... uhhh Johnny.
And perhaps you can give us some tips what to invest in to make some earnings, and make us buy some hardware, lol. Good to know that is works.

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