Problem with login screen when starting windows

I installed zorion in several rooms in a school where I work, however, when I turn on the computer, the screen to select the user is on the television and not on the monitor (which is a big problem) in this case the numbering of the screens is 1 (the television, via HDMI) 2 (monitor, via VGA)
I need help to be able to put the login screen on the vga monitor to look good for teachers. Can someone help me?

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In both Core or Lite (Incl. Education), in your Displays app, setting the monitor you want Login to appear on as the Primary should resolve this.


Thanks, but I still can't.
is it here (attached in the file)?
Because I didn't get it here, would you send me a picture of the screen.

I assume that the highlighted monitor is the one you want the login to display on? If so, it is indeed set to primary.
I also use more than one monitor and if at boot, the login is on a different monitor than the one I want, I just move the mouse cursor to the one that I do want it on and it automatically transfers there following the cursor.

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