Problem with mouse Microsoft bluetooth

Hello everybody, first of all i would like to apologize in advance for my english :innocent: :joy:
i can't connect my mouse, bluetooth can't find it, can you help me in any way? thank you.


Do you have blueman installed?

sudo apt install blueman

Launch Blueman-manager, then plug your mouse into the USB port. It can be helpful to try different USB ports, just in case.
See if the mouse is recognized for pairing in the Blueman GUI window. If it is, select it and then select "Connect."

If it is not showing up at all, can you relay here the make and model of the Mouse?

yes i have blueman installed, the mouse is bluetooth only without any usb key, this is my mouse [Microsoft KTF-00006 Surface Mobile Mouse ]

Microsoft Proprietary Drivers... The Linux Surface kernel may contain those drivers... But if you are not running Zorin OS on a Surface, I do nto recommend installing it.

ok, thanks a beginners :+1:

Me too - So, I could be wrong... I have been looking into this just in case:

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