Problem with nvme

I bought new nvme WD sn770.
It is not recognized in bios.
I put some command and found that problem.

Do I need contact with this company?
99% mostly the firmware is problem not operating system what we using.

Tested on 4 pc on 2 working on next 2 not working.
Well propably not all nvme are compatibility with all motherboard.
Interesting WD support sayed when i send this .jpg up and a model nvme what I have I sayed nvme not working. They sayed problem with nvme.
Well maybe not all nvme are compatibility with some motherboards.

IS the BIOS updated on the Motherboards?

Something else that you might want to check is the version for PCIe.

These days most high-end NVMe SSD's offer support for PCIe 5. I know that motherboards with support for PCIe 5 has support for the all of the other lower versions, but i don't know if the lower versions can use NVMe SSD's intended for PCIe 5 use.

So check:

  1. What version of PCIe does the motherboard offer.
  2. What version of PCIe is the NVMe SSD intended for.

Well the motherboard is on B75 chipset it propablly recognize PCIe 3.0 with 2 generation
The nvme is PCIe 4.0 with 4 gen.
I put in newer PC and nvme is recognized.

bios is OEM AMI bios.