Problem with screen resolution during installation

Hi. When installing Zorin OS, I select standard installation, the files are checked, and then the monitor shows "resolution not supported". I'm a linux nerd. I tried to press Tab and write "vga=0x31b" as I read on some forum, but it didn't work.

The monitor resolution is 1280x1024.
Video card NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
AMD Phenom 9850 processor
Motherboard Asus M2N-XE


If you have installed Zorin OS but cannot complete the init process to boot all teh way to the Desktop Environment, you will need to use the Recovery Mode to try to solve this issue. Your intent here is to add the nomodeset parameter.
You can follow this guide to get to recovery menu:

and this to add the nomodeset parameter use the Root - drop to prompt option from the recovery menu.:

Thanks for the quick response.

I was not able to install Zorin OS because the resolution is no longer supported after the file check passes and the menu to install the system appears

In the USB install grub menu:

Try or Install Zorin OS

Install Zorin OS

Do you see an option to boot Zorin (Safe Graphics)?

Yes, but I'd like to have animations afterwards

So it's either that or nothing?

I do not understand this statement.

Safe graphics disables animations further down in the system, right?

Safe Graphics prevents modesetting from activating a driver prior to Init from getting the kernel fully loaded.
It is essentially the same command as nomodeset.
It does not disable any animations.

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Got it. Thanks.

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