Problem with sudo apt update

Hello, I have problem with command "sudo apt update", when I use in terminal I receive this errors.
Do you know how to resolve this problem, thank you so much for your help.

Well, firstly I noticed that you have some repositories that relate back to Precise (Pangolin) which was Ubuntu 12.04, and Focal (Fossa) Ubuntu 20.04 (Zorin 6 and Zorin 16 respectively). I notice you are getting your updates from your country's locale server - start Software Updater and then click on 'Stop'. Then click on Settings and go to the first Tab and change this to 'Main Server'. You are getting errors in respect of Brave Browser as that is outside the official repos, you would need to update via the official website of Brave Browser, plus any other applications that are not readily available. Also the correct syntax for terminal update is:

sudo apt-get update

@hristiyank, you can launch Software & Updates and in the Other software tab, select any repositories for precise and then click the Remove button on the bottom toolbar to remove those defunct repositories.

If you are on Zorin OS 17, remove the focal repos.
If you are on Zorin OS 16; Do Not remove the Focal Repos as that is the repositorie grouping that Zorin OS 16 uses.

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