Problem with the sound

Hi all,

This is my only issue with Zorin os.

I have HP Envy x360 13-ar0022nn AMD Ryzen 5 3500U ,with 8 /gb RAM.

Only problem , I have Bang & Olufsen, quad speakers, but sound comming only from bottom, so 2 speakers..

I want all of them. That is only good thing on Windows btw, perfect sound from such a small laptop.

Anyone have idea what to do ?


I have an idea but i am not sure if the same pins work for your laptop

Edit: They are almost the same.

sudo apt-get install alsa-tools-gui
sudo hdajackretask

Select the sound card on top
On the right side select show unconnected pins
Find the 0x14 pin, check the override button, and set it with the option "Internal speaker"

Find the 0x17 pin, check the override button, and set it with the option "Internal speaker (Back)"

Then click the button Install boot override

Reboot to see changes.

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I tried this now..Only what I got is stronger louder sound from the same speakers..

If I set volume to over 80% , than middle (main) speaker is activated also. But than sound is not clear :frowning:

  • Set pin 0x14 to "Internal speaker"
  • Set pin 0x17 to "Internal speaker (back)"
  • Set pin 0x1e to "Dock Line out"
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This is much much better.

Even my soft keys (FN ) works now :slight_smile:

Everything below 60% is so quiet

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I guess it's solved then :wink:

Almost..not perfect but better than before xD

I don't think you get it any better, my laptop had better sounds in windows too and still mine is a bit off.

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I know, that sucks.. But ok, I can live with that, hehe

Well better then how it was before. My laptop only get the sound out of the subwoofer (like a normal speaker). When i set my pin overrides i get better sound but still the subwoofer pretends if it is a speaker (bass does work)

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