Problem with zorin OS installer

This way it's not clear what's the problem :neutral_face:, you should explain what's going on and what you expected to happen :thinking:, then surely you can get more help. What are you trying to do?

bruh, obviously install, and the only problem with that is that it is not installing anything xD

What's the step where you're stuck? When I installed Zorin everything went fine.

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This also... is unhelpful.
Please remember the Forum Guidelines and Introduction.

Please provide details that can help us to better help you.
Do you see any errors?
Does the screen freeze? If so, at what point does it freeze? Were you able to run the Installation GUI app to a certain point? If so, where did it stop?


Agree :clap:, the problem post is hell vague :smiling_imp: :rofl:

This is not helping.
If you both could chill out, we might be able to determine what the installation issue is.


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