Problema con el teclado y mouse (Keyboard and mouse issue)

Hola soy nuevo en el foro, resulta ser que tengo el Linux Zorin Core 16 y a veces como por ejemplo hoy cuando mi pc se suspende cuando la activo de vuelta apretando el boton de encendido el mouse se queda congelado osea deja de funcionar y el cursor ni siquera se mueve. Lo mismo sucedia con el teclado y probe enchufar ambos en otros puertos usb y por ahora el mouse empezo a tener ese problema. Alguna solucion? Muchas gracias

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  • Hi I'm new to the forum, it turns out that I have the Linux Zorin Core 16 and sometimes as for example today when my pc is suspended when the active back pressing the power button the mouse is frozen bone stops working and the cursor does not even move. The same happened with the keyboard and try to plug both into other usb ports and for now the mouse began to have that problem. Any solution? Thanks a lot.

Can you give us your machine Spec's, Please.
Motherboard model if you built the machine.

Also please show output for:

free -m


cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

¿Puede darnos las especificaciones de su máquina, por favor? Marca/Modelo: CPU: CARNERO Graphiic's: Modelo de placa base si construyó la máquina.

También muestre la salida para:

free -m


cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

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Hello thank you for the welcome. The manufacturer of my pc is MSI, and the model is MS-7865 and the RAM is of 8gb
The graphics is NVIDIA GeForce GT 610

I don’t built my machine sorry for cannot give that information only know the last ome

Thank you.
Can you please show me results from below commands

sudo lshw -C multimedia


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Please run

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras


sudo ubuntu-drivers install

Then reboot

You can Open GUI, "Software Updater"
Then click "settings" then goto the Additional Drivers "TAB".
& select the Nvidia Drivers offered in there.
Then Update.

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I selected the second driver

Ok update then, reboot & test
let us know :+1:

Please show

sudo lshw -C multimedia

After update

To help with photo use "screenshot" to just take a photo of the open window , Hold the (Alt) & click ( Printscreen) :+1:

I'd selected in several days ago when i installed the system, but the keyboard has blocked and not responding. I have to reboot my pc and the keyboard is working now. It's a problem from the usb port? Other question my pc have 9 years old the Zorin Lite can be run good if i install?

Sí, Zorin Lite es una buena opción para computadoras más antiguas / de baja especificación :+1: Sí, al actualizar controladores / software, es una buena práctica reiniciar su computadora. Por favor, cómo me los resultados para: > sudo lshw -C mutlimedia Para ayudar con las capturas de pantalla. mantenga pulsados los botones (Alt) y haga clic en (PrintScreen).

  • Yes Zorin Lite is a good choice for older/low spec computers :+1:

  • Yes when updating drivers/software it's is best practice to reboot your computer.

Please how me the results for :

sudo lshw -C mutlimedia

To help with Screenshots. hold down the (Alt) & click (PrintScreen) buttons.

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