Problems gaming

How do I uninstall the support for the game controller? The game I play (Civilization 6 through Steam) hasn't worked right since I installed that support package.

What did you do to install it?
Can you walk us through what you installed and how?

If you know the package name. But the software title everyone sees, but how is called by the system and listed in processes... that is usually the package name used to install it. Using synaptic you can select it and click uninstall. In the software center you may be able to uninstall it is listed. But the tried and true method is from terminal:

sudo apt remove [package name] 

If installed by apt.

Thank you for your answer. Sorry for the long delay. I have a lot going on. All I really remember of it is I received a popup as I logged into Steam and it updated, telling me that I should load game controller support. And unfortunately, I was too preoccupied trying to get to my game to give it another thought.

Thank you for your answer, and sorry for my delay. I'll have to get back to you after I try. I'm glad I have Synaptic.

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