Problems installing auto-freq on Zorin os 17

Hi all,

I've tried to install auto-freq but apparently when it's time to enable the daemon, the system returns some errors, probably because the installer doesn't recognise the presence of the power profiles. On GitHub, it says that if it finds them, it should automatically disable them before installing the daemon.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible that You could post the Error that You get?

Is it a Snap package? The github page says the following:

Installing auto-cpufreq


As auto-cpufreq relies on git based versioning, users are advised to install auto-cpufreq using git clone method only. Downloading source code as a zip/from release will emit build error like these.

Get source code, run installer, and follow on-screen instructions:

git clone
cd auto-cpufreq && sudo ./auto-cpufreq-installer

Snap Store

Please note: while all auto-cpufreq >= v2.0 CLI functionality will work as intended, the GUI won't be available on Snap package installs due to Snap package confinement limitations. Hence, please consider installing auto-cpufreq using auto-cpufreq-installer.

auto-cpufreq is available on the Snap Store or via CLI:

sudo snap install auto-cpufreq

Please note:


I saw the snap version but I installed the standard version which doesn't load the daemon.
I then tried the Snap version, disabling also the power profiles and nothing again.