Problems installing Zorin Os 17 Pro on a laptop

I want to install Zorin Os Pro 17 on a Toshiba laptop (celeron 1.8 gzh, 8 gb ram, ssd 500gb) using a usb pendrive. However, when I try with the boot disk created, the system skips it and does not start the installation. I am very surprised because I have been able to install Ubuntu 22.04.4 by this means without any problem. I could install Zorin Os Pro 16.3 and then upgrade to version 17 but it is a very long procedure.
Please could someone point me to a possible solution? Make it as simple to follow as possible because my computer skills are only at a basic user level.
I am not interested in installing Zorin Os 16.3 Pro Lite, because, apart from being an older version, I have never liked the XFCE desktop.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hi, has this same computer booted from USB before ? Can you describe how you made the bootable drive? I ask the first question because the boot order must be set to boot from USB first in the bios.


Yes, it is configured to boot with the boot disk. Moreover, as I previously pointed out, I have been able to install by this means, without any problem, Zorin Os 16.3 Pro.
Thank you very much for taking care of my problem.

I would suspect a problem with the thumb,drive, the ISO, or the software used to create the bootable usb . You might try again with a different ISO. Add the name of the software used to create the USB.

One workaround you may want to try is to use Ventoy.

"Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files."

I carry a bunch of ISOs with me on a key-chain USB drive and have successfully installed Zorn 17 Core on desktop hardware and even my old Surface Pro 1 without issue.

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