Problems opening up wallpaper in image viewer

I have a folder on my D drive (other location) and it has wallpaper in it. When I open the first few they are fine using the arrow to get to the next one.. however, every once in a while the images don't appear and its like the machine is trying so hard to show that image, the image never appears and I need to close the image viewer to get it working again.

If any of you download this image see if it opens cleanly on your machine.

Maybe its a size issue..

here are some of the others.. but the key is to download them and then open them. Clicking on that one it will open in the browser viewer or whatever that is.

You know what that is not going to do it.. I just noticed the forums are changing the size of the images. I think that FIRST one is just rather large

There is only so much bandwidth that the forum can handle... The forum software places an upper limit on how large images can be to prevent overload.

This may be the case in your External Drive, too. The connection to the drive is the bottleneck and if you open a directory that is filled with large images, it can take some time for the data to get through.
I have this happen sometimes too, when making icon sets. If opening multiple directories filled with lots of images, it won't take long for me to smack right into the buffers.

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