Problems with Chromium since Jan 22 update

Since this update (to v88.0.4324.96 64-bit), the Google homepage doodle, search field and Most Visited tiles are suddenly not appearing on launch or in new tabs. Anyone else seeing this? In my case these are Ubuntu-based snap auto-updates (Chromium snap ver 1461 in this instance). Is the solution to revert to last previous snap (ver 1444) from Jan 8?

Chrome proper (same version number but not a snap to my knowledge) also updated a couple of days ago and seems not to have this glitch. It did briefly but seems to have recovered.

This has been cross-posted to the Chromium-discuss Google group.

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Recent news I got in my feed about Google and Chromium based browsers- I cannot find the same link I got in my feed but this one appears close enough:

I do not know if this is directly related- but the timing of it suggests at least peripheral relation as Chromium and Chromium based browsers get themselves sorted out on what they are allowed and not-allowed to access and do.

Thanks for this tip, but I think Chrome is based on Chromium, not the other way round, so not sure how they’d “cut off” Chromium. I was poking around the Software library and saw these “channel” options for the Chromium snap.

Any idea if one of those would fix the problem?

I think there is some confusion, here. No one said anything about Google cutting off Chromium.
Google is restricting Chromium-based browsers to access to Chrome API’s.
Chrome is built off of Chromium and Chromium was released as open source code.
Google adds proprietary services to Chromium to make it into Google Chrome.


This is the non-Snap version of Chromium I can currently find in the Software Store:


OK. According to that link, bug affects both deb and snap versions. I would not know myself, as I use FF rather than Chromium or Chromium based browsers.


Fix released Jan 26 as v88.0.4324.96 (chromium_1466.snap)

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