Problems with driver installation

Newbie here. I'm having real problems with drivers when installing Zorin. Zorin installs, have no problem with that, but graphics & network are a headache. If I select 'update 3rd party etc while installing', the graphics returned are real ■■■■ & totally unusable. If I select 'update graphics before installing', the graphics are of such a low resolution, they are also unusable. If I simply install Zorin & forget graphics until installed, no network drivers are installed, which of course means I cannot get onto the web to update other drivers. I need some help/guidance please. I will admit at this point, I had problems with network drivers when loading my existing Windows 7. I had to download ISO after ISO until I found one that worked.

Hi lumpyspiv, welcome to the community. So we can better assist you, would you mind telling us which version of Zorin you're installing, the make and model of your machine and if possible the printout of lshw in the terminal?

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I'm loading Zorin OS 16 core X64.
My motherboard (if that helps with network drivers) is an Asrock FM2A68M-HD+
Networks drivers loaded are Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Graphics = NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

Hope this helps.

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I am trying to dual boot my existing Win 7 & Zorin. Once I have Zorin working the way I use my Win 7 & learnt the 'ins & outs', then I'll dedicate the whole drive & possibly update to Pro. I'm sorry, at present I cannot print from either system.

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Can you please post the terminal output of

sudo lshw -c network


sudo lshw -c video

First may I say that I have not been ignoring anybody. Soon after this message was posted, the network adapter on my motherboard stopped working. I have repaired same by installing a network card that arrived today, which appears to be functioning correctly. As hardware has changed I am going to try a Zorin re-install to see if the card makes any difference.


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