Problems with Gnome extensions in Zorin Os 17

Hello everyone:
I read an article in which they made mention that the new versions of Gnome were presenting problems with extensions, which would affect, preferably those distributions that use them to generate a highly customized Gnome desktop, mentioning, among others Pop os and Zorin Os.
Could this be the reason why Zorin Os 17 has taken so long?
Does anyone know anything about it?

Maybe but I doubt it. Zorin 17 will be based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS which is a mature and stable base. I think they are using GNOME 42 or 42.5 so that version of GNOME will be stable with any included extensions. The articles you may reading are based on the newer GNOME 45 or so. That has always been a problem with the GNOME desktop and extensions that take a while to make fixes so it will work on a newer version of GNOME. That won’t be an issue with Zorin 17 I think. Historically, Zorin comes out way late after the Ubuntu LTS. Same thing happened with Zorin 16. It came out about 18 months after the Ubuntu 20.04 from the April 2020 LTS. It’s just two brothers polishing everything so the distribution is stable and works reliably.

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It seems to me that this is one of the problems.
The version it is based on came out on April 23, 2020, more than 40 months ago! The project, in my opinion, is being overwhelmed by the lack of resources.
We all know that in the technological world times are very fast and short. Zorin Os is running the risk of ending up like other distros, which could not support the pace of development and ended up disappearing.
The current version of Zorin Os appeared 16 months after the Ubuntu lts on which it is based, however, the Ubuntu lts 22.04, released on April 21, 2022, we are going for 17 months and not even a beta has been published.

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LTS includes 5 years of Long Term Support.
This means that there is no argument to claim that the project is overwhelmed by a lack of resources.

Zorin OS 16.3 is using a much higher kernel, many packages are much higher than standard and Zorin OS includes both Snap and Flatpak for the user choice.

This argument is Petitio principii.

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I can empathize with you in some respects but it really is a moot point. Zorin stands on its own offering a good looking and reliable stable operating system for new Linux users and experienced users too. I have been around the block a few times distro hopping and using different distributions for different lengths of time. Zorin is a top class operating system which has been around for 10 year plus.

I have used Endeavor, Manjaro, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and others. I come back all the time to 2 primary distributions - Linux Mint Cinnamon (and LMDE too) plus Zorin. They are solid reliable distributions with their own spin on things. I also dabble with Kubuntu and Tuxedo OS which have been fantastic Ubuntu based KDE implementations. But I really appreciate Zorin's attention to detail so that everything is tightly integrated both in appearance and functionality.

It may be an older base but it runs better all too often than newer distributions with the latest and greatest sans the bugs. Plus, they have their own PPAs whereby some popular programs like LibreOffice are much newer than the current 20.04 LTS base.

I use Windows 10, Windows 11, and the various Linux distributions mentioned before but my favorite is Zorin. I happen to be probably one of the few people here that likes WIndows 11 - it has been rock solid for me. I feel the same way about Zorin and Mint. I think if you focus less on the latest releases you will find that Zorin is a stalwart with much to offer ALL kinds of Linux users. :+1: :v:


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