Problems with hardware

First of all I would like to reiterate my thanks to the community for their willingness and patience in addressing my concerns.
I want to refer to some problems that I have had, which later I have found a solution.
I had problems with a driver update of my Nvidia graphics card. It started to generate crashes. Strangely enough, the problem was generated by the use of a Logitech mouse. I changed it for an HP mouse and the problem was solved (HP products usually have great compatibility with Gnu Linux).
It is well known that for good compatibility with Office, it is recommended to install Microsoft fonts. However, every time I tried, I got an error. I finally discovered that this was solved by temporarily disabling the firewall. I did this and was able to install the fonts without any problems.
3. Using Warpinator.
Some time ago I wrote about how this program was not working for me. They were kind enough to recommend alternatives, one of which worked for me.
However, I subsequently tried using Warpinator again. I discovered that the solution was to enable the corresponding ports in the firewall. I did that and Warpinator works for me without any problems.
I hope my experience can be useful for those who have to face similar problems.


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