Problems with Microsoft Edge

I've had good success w/ Edge on Linux, but on a particular installation of ZorinOS 16, I can't get the theme to show anything nor can I configure it. I installed Edge on a fresh installation of ZorinOS and it was fine, but one particular computer just won't show it.

Furthermore, i try to remove and purge the Edge installation, but when I reinstall, Edge seems to just restore everything including favorite icons and personal accounts. I purged, but to no avail.

Perhaps my question is more about doing a complete clean purging removal.

Lastly, please no guesses. Only reply if you have dealt with (successfully) something like this.

Thx in advance.


sudo apt remove --purge 'microsoft-edge-*

Should be sufficient. If reinstalling also brings back other data, it may be that the data is remotely stored. You might ensure any accounts are logged out prior to removing Edge Browser.

This seems like a particularly reasonable request on the surface. However, all that needs to happen is for a user to suggest the solution that should work, and if it doesn't, they are accused of having guessed and not supplied the True™ solution.

We encourage all members to help troubleshoot and a helpful suggestion is a helpful suggestion even if the suggestion did not help.
It is not exclusive, here, so please always remember to be grateful for the help you are offered.
To insinuate otherwise, may easily cause users to Not Try.


I've noticed that M$ does tend to remember data locations and suspect it will be picking this up by recognising your IP address. I was deeply concerned when upgrading notebooks at work to Windows 10 that it was also recognising my installs at home and displaying the names I had given them. The other annoying thing is that it would transfer all my data to One Note and then advising I had run out of space and would need to pay for additional storage. This was when using Windows I should add. I have only used Edge within a VM of Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit which I needed to connect to work servers ... until I worked out how to use Remmina Remote which avoided all of that.

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