Problems with software catalogue and windows app support

So I live in china and had to get a new computer, it turns out China does not allow Windows to allow for any language option other than Chinese on computers sold in China. So I got Zorin Pro. I just installed it, but I am having some immediate issues. Software catalogue is eternally downloading. I have checked some older forums, and followed to fixes to no avail (I even went so far as to kill the gnome application in System Monitor, which was listed as an all-else-fails method). This might be because of the Great Firewall of China, but I am unsure. But that leads to my second problem. My VPN Installer is a Windows .exe file. and the windows app support software is entirely nonresponsive. it refuses to react at all when I try to download it. not even an error message. Any help or advice would be appreciated

Are you able to access the Wine repository and packages?
Are you using Zorin OS 17 (Based on Ubuntu 22.04) or Zorin OS 16 (based on Ubuntu 20.04)?

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For your software sources, are you on the China repository?
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I'm not really sure if this would be of any help as I am not in China.. But - if your location is blocking the source destination (country) for software and updates, that could be the hang up..

And just for extra info or if anyone else stumbles across this post about the Chinese default language on their laptops:

Don't have one to test myself either so, that may or may not be of help (like the above).

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