Problems with the internet (DNS)

I have been having problems with the internet, it is always slow, but after changing the dns the problem is solved, but when I restart it it returns to how it was before, how can I do so that the dns does not change when restarting

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To maintain a DNS you should change it at the router then replicate it for your machines internet settings.


You should try Ethernet cables they have hundred percent chance of solving every internet problem and you get the hundred percent from your ISP.


You have to remember that this will depend on home layout and where the entry point is for the phone line as this is where the router is best placed. I have attempted to get all machines in the house on ethernet using powerline adapters but it was creating clashes so one machine has to be on wireless, no issues. The other point to mention is it depends where in the world you live and how much ethernet cable costs. And in 2025 I will no longer be on the internet as copper is being switched off. The cost of fibre at 300 Mbps is £10 more per month and digital phone £1 more per month and as energy costs are shooting up to over £4000 next year that will eventually mean losing Netflix and Disney streaming service. A lot of ISPs in this country are advertising cheap deals on the radio and the quick spiel at the end informs the listener the monthly price will go up by 3% year on year each March. So eventually I will borrow one of my offsprings T-shirts that reads "I don't need the internet, the internet needs me".


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