Problems with Warpinator

I have been using Warpinator, however, the only way by which I have managed to establish connection between the two computers has been by disabling the firewall.
Does anyone know of another method to achieve this?
Thank you very much.

Open the ports in gufw (the firewall).

Access the firewall via Zorin menu > Settings > Network > Firewall Configuration button.

By default, port 42000 is used for transfers, and 42001 is used for authentication. In current versions of Warpinator (after 1.2.0), only TCP is required, but you should also allow UDP traffic on the transfer port to allow connections with older Warpinator versions.

Note: If you are planning to use the Flatpak version to connect to other machines using Flatpak, you need to open UDP port 5353 as well as those mentioned above. Even if the port is already opened according to gufw, it must be explicitly opened here.


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