Problems with wine on Zorin Os 16

When I try to install Diablo II using wine, in Zorin 16 Pro, I get the following message:

Package dependencies cannot be resolved.
This error could be due to additional software packages that are missing or unstable.
It could also be a conflict between software packages that cannot be installed together.
The following packages have unfulfilled dependencies: zorin-windows-app-support: Depends:wine32 but is a virtual package.

It is worth mentioning that I have been playing this game for many years on Linux, especially with Zorin 15, without any problems.
It has even run on wine 6.0.
I read that they recommend to uninstall, very carefully, completely wine and its dependencies. Afterwards you should install, via terminal, a new version of wine and the problem would be solved.
What solution do you propose?
Thank you very much.

Are you running in VirtualBox or VMWare?

I am not using any virtualization environment. Simply what I always do is to click on the windows executable and then wine, previously installed, does the necessary installation work.

Ok what repository did you add for Wine? You can use Software & Updates to manage, find or remove them - or, I prefer Y-PPA -Manager.

My knowledge is quite limited in this regard.
Zorin Os already has wine installed, therefore, as I mentioned, when I clicked on the exe file of the program, wine proceeded to configure itself, until it stopped with the usual error.
When I was using Zorin Os 12 something similar happened to me. The solution that Zorin Os support gave me (which worked) was to completely uninstall wine and its dependencies. Then, according to their instructions, I proceeded to install the latest version of wine, and the problem was solved.
For all of the above, I would like to do the same. First completely uninstall wine and its dependencies. Then install the latest stable version of wine.

No, actually... Zorin OS has not come with Wine preinstalled for several releases, now.
What ZorinGroup did was they added an Easy Installer that will install Wine if you attempt to open a Windows or .exe package.

You would know it if you added a Wine Repository...
So let's remove the package.

sudo apt remove --purge zorin-windows-app-support

Once done, from your home folder, remove any ~/.wine directories.
Then for Wine 5.0:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

sudo apt update && sudo apt install wine64 wine32

If you want Wine 6.0:

wget -qO- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt install software-properties-common

sudo apt-add-repository "deb Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu $(lsb_release -cs) main"

sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-stable

Once installed, run:


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Thank you very much for your excellent response and patience.

Thanks @Aravisian, you teach me how remove wine on Zorin OS 16.
I had installed a .exe program (not a game) and not worked.

now i'll try "bottle".

maybe works...? :sweat_smile:

That might work; I have never used it.
I do not use Wine, either. I did when I first moved over to Zorin from Windows. But after time, I found more and more Linux Apps that work as well as or better than whatever I used on Windows. A lot of what users prefer on Windows apps has to do with familiarity, not performance. Eventually, I ditched Wine and have not installed it since except to test other users issues (After which, I remove it again).


it Worked! :nerd_face:

so... what did you teach me was to remove a zorin os run .exe support.

to wine, and playonlinux, remove i need to use sudo apt remove wine playonlinux.

next, i installed "Bottles" (flathub) on "Programs". (so easy to use and beautifull... :relieved:)

Then, after some quickly adjusts, now its all works. :laughing:

Unfortunately, the above solution doesn't work for me. I am getting this error.

Please open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t and paste into it:

sudo apt install -y zorin-windows-app-support

This will install the version of the Windows Compatibility layer from the Zorin Repository.


Thanks a lot. It works

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Thanks it Worked

try to run the program trough your terminal so you can get a better understanding of the underlying issue.

or try to install the 32bit version with

sudo apt-get install wine32