Problems with Zorin

Went to updates get the message software ready to install, click to install get message “I don’t have permission to install software” !! I have changed nothing on the system… I am not overly proficient with command line but I did do some research and in terminal changed the permission to the opt dir. which got rid of the error message but still get message software ready to install but when clicked to install does nothing !!! Maybe time to remove Zorin from the 3 computer I installed it on !!

Can you confirm the error is with the application in the picture, below (Software Updater)?
Further, you’re getting the error on all 3 of your computers?
Did you enter the correct password on each of them?

If you answer yes for the first and last questions, try this:
Use Synaptic to reinstall the package update-manager and if that doesn’t fix it, also reinstall gnome-software .

Hello, will do also I am having the problem on just one computer, I am hoping the other 2 don’t develop this issue as it is installed on family member computers… Thanks