Procedure for creating and installing self-signed cert to enable https on localhost

I’m a software developer and I’d like to be able to address my local dev server using https instead of http. Broadly that would be https://localhost:/

I’m using Brave and occasionally Chrome and Edge on Zorin Pro 16.2.

I think the right command is OpenSSL, and this must be a well trodden path.

I’m looking for (a) a step by step procedure, and (b) what the resulting UX would be, i.e. would it just work like a legit SSL cert, or would I still get the “Something’s dodgy, click Advanced to proceed” every time I accessed the site.

On a related but tangential note, is there a certificate store on Zorin like there is on Windows? Assuming I can generate a passable cert, I’d have to put it somewhere.

Perhaps this stackexchange article helps (or hinders):

The ssl - Is there a way to have https for local network webapps without buying any domain? - Stack Overflow seemed to be the most thorough and guided process. You could also attempt a wildcard ssl cert, so you don't have to create new certs everytime you create a new app or site (i.e. * -> includes,

The public key would have to be added to the browser in order to avoid the warning page.

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