Program to tell me my RAM timings?

Hello all,

I'm using Zorin 15.3 on a Dell Latitude E6400. I decided to install Stacer onto this machine because it seemed to be the most similar to Piriform's Speccy. There is some information that is provided by Speccy but not by Stacer. I was wondering if anybody knew if there was an alternate program I can use.

I'm interested in knowing the timings of the RAM installed in my laptop. The timings for RAM modules are CAS# Latency (CL), RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD),
RAS# Precharge (tRP) and Cycle Time (tRAS). These are usually formatted like this "9-9-9-24".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bill N.

In terminal, you can run:

sudo lshw -C memory

You might try i2c:

sudo apt install i2c-tools

Nope... Sorry. The timings were the only details about the RAM that were not shown.

After installation, I typed into the terminal "i2c-tools" and nothing happened.

I apologize, I was not very clear with that. The tools installed properly, however are a CLI tool. The commands are run and interpreted through the terminal.
Would you prefer a GUI tool? Not sure right off the top of my head which might be a good fit.

sudo modprobe eeprom

sudo modprobe at24

sudo modprobe i2c-i801

Should fit for Dell Latitude E6400 - otherwise, please adjust accordingly:

sudo modprobe i2c-amd-mp2-pci


sudo modprobe ee1004


The columns you are looking for:
---=== Timings at Standard Speeds ===---
---=== Timing Parameters ===---

I feel a bit goofy asking, but does Gnome System Monitor not show what you are looking for?