Programs randomly crashing on 17 Pro

Started today. My VPN app closed, RPI imager closed, and keepass XC closed. I did not close them, they closed by themselves.

I was able to reopen those programs, they are all still running at the moment.

Unfortunately that's not a lot of information to go off, so it could be a great many things.

Have you tried switching to the Xorg session (available at the login page when you're logging in to the system)? Just asking because it might be worth to switch over to it and see if the same issue keeps coming up or not.

Now, randomly, the desktop will crash. Starts off with screen freezing, then blank monitor. It then goes to the login page. After logging in, I see that every open program has "crashed".

Very annoying. My system is up to date.

Gday @F_Windows ,

Sorry to hear of the issue/s, Can you please clarify if this is the same machine,
As you say "Now randomly the Desktop Crashes" makes me think the OP was about another machine?

The 1st thing that comes to mind with intermittent issue's can be drivers/Dust/Hardware failing..

If you have 2 machines please tell us the spec's of the machine you wish to start with.
We will help, One machine issue at a time, (to help stop the confusion).

Most people do not service their machines, Dust is the Biggest culprit for funny/Strange electronic behaviour.

Hope this helps
Keep us informed.

Could i also ask you to show the "Edition" of Zorin OS your using into your "Profile", this saves us asking & you repeating this, if your using both please still show this in your Profile".
But Let Us helper know which Edition" your using (Eg Core Or Lite)

Thank you.