"Proprietary" applications from ZorinOS PPA in GNOME Software

I'm messing around with Zorin OS 16.1 Lite x64 (live session) and in gnome-software I see strange things - apps from lp_ppa_zorinos_stable-focal-main or lp_ppa_zorinos_patches-focal-main sources have Proprietary licenses,

for example "Notes"

Why is that?

Another bug - doubled entries in Source drop-down list

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These are licensed as Free Software under GPL.

There is a bug with Gnome-Software application that if the Software app cannot decode the license info, it assumes "proprietary." In many cases, this is caused by the field that sets the license being set to "Other Open Source". This field is supposed to be a SPDX formatted string, making the value "Other Open Source" not valid.

I'm not sure on the Doubled Sources...
Maybe clear your gnome-software cache?

Thank you for reply.

Ok, I've installed Zorin OS 16.1 Lite x64 to disk, did update && restart.

Still some apps have doubled or even tripled entries, like "file-roller":

(of course cleaning the cache did not help; Zorin OS newcomer I'm helping has the same issue)

I did not like this buggy "gnome-software" so I've closed it but it is still sitting in memory!

Please get rid of this problematic "gnome-software" or at least replace with more recent (more fixed) version.

I can only be brutally honest when I say, a more recent version of Gnome-Software is not... Fixed.
That said, it is normal that Gnome Software continues to run in the background since it is relied upon by Gnome-Software-Updater.
So, even if you are not actively using it, it still may start and run in the background when the updater checks for updates.

Many of us use Synaptic Package Manager for GUI handling of Installs and removals.

Apparantly it is.


File Roller:

Memory usage:
Though a little high but not very noticeable:

this is in Fedora 36 running gnome 42

Exactly. In Gnome 40.
Zorin OS is using 3.38. The most recent compatible version for Gnome 3.38 is not fixed.
Even though Gnome claimed it was - repeatedly...
Incidentally, in the link posted by the O.P.:

Sergey Bugaev @bugaevc · 1 year ago
Right now on my machine running GNOME 40, gnome-software --gapplication-service is running in the background and consuming 186.4 MB (as reported by GNOME System Monitor) or 239 MB (RSS as reported by htop). Note that it's running in the background and is not displaying any UI.
Should I open a new issue?

It likely still needs... more fixing.

EDIT: In re-reading my post, it comes across as far more harsh than intended. It has more to do with me typing and replying hurriedly than any emotion.

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