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New experience for me yesterday I found the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Steam for free so I downloaded it ..... up pops a message asking me which version of Proton I want to use ....

Knowing nothing about Proton I choose the first one and proceeded from there .... game was installed and I stated to learn how to play it ....

Going through all the settings I came to realize that this game is played on line with teams ..... I don't like teams as I am a loner when it comes to playing games .....

Does anyone know if there is a setting in this game to allow me to control just me as the only moving character ...... I know in other games the computer will control the other members of your squad but I don't need or want that either .....

That being said the Proton apt is working just fine so far as I only went through the firing range part of the game ..... thought I would ask about the team before I go much further ......

I do have one complaint about Steam in that when choosing a game ..... especially from the 'Free Selection' ..... when trying to download them when you click the button it goes to a grayed out color and nothing happens I did notice that the little 'Windows Icon' shows beside the download button ..... I'm assuming that this means it will only play on 'Windows OS' .....

This is strange because in my preferences I checked the Linux box as my OS only but of the 8 games in the free selection I placed in my save for later folder only 'Counter Strike" and one other could be downloaded ..... I had to go to my save folder and delete each of the other games ..... it was kinda a waste of time .....

Is there anyway to tell what platform these games will play on ????? .... again I assumed that if it was shown in my selections and I had Linux checked as my OS it would just show games available for Linux .....

Am I missing something ?????? .....

Usually, where you click buy/download is marked with a linux, Windows or/and Mac logo.

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A bunch of mine only show Windows, but they still work with Proton enabled.
I usually have it set to Proton Experimental.


Yes that is what I mentioned in my post above and when you click on download it turns gray and won't download ..... . I guess that's what I get for trying to save some games to download later ..... just wish I knew then what I know now ..... :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks I'll check to see if Proton is enabled by default and switch to 'Proton Experimental' to see if that would work better ..... I do have another game downloading at the moment but I had to pay $5.50 for that one ..... :+1: :smile:

Good lord I didn't know this game 'Sniper Elite 4' was around 38 GB it's taking about an hour to download ..... I wonder if this 38 GB is held on my computer or on Steam ????? .....

That is saved on your computer.

Movies and Games tend to be Space-Expensive...

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Thanks .... I still have about 700 GB on my Zorin drive so I guess I'm OK ..... :+1: :laughing:

It all depends on which games you want and their size. Many of the online only games are around 100GB. It's crazy, but since the graphics, and a few other necessary items, need to be local in order for the game to have any kind of tolerable response time, we, as gamers, have to live with it.

The majority of games I play don't have Linux variants. I've heard horror stories of players getting banned for using Linux with anti-cheat software, so I dual boot because of this and that ptoton doesn't support some of my games yet.

I'm not about to get banned from a game just because i don't want to use windows. That would be like throwing money away.

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Standard size hard disk or ssd is from 1 TB on operating system, then minimum 2TB on data files and if one operating system died then you have a third hard disk for rescue or repair that operating system.

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That is some great info on using Proton for Steam ...... in Compatibility I didn't have the second choice enabled and was having a tough time getting games to run ...... Aravisian told me bout using Proton Experimental but like I said I didn't have 'Enable Steam Play for all other titles' enabled ...... but I fixed that by checking the second option the other day ....

Having that problem with a game called Pool Nation FX ..... a pool game I played on Win 10 ..... I still have it on a USB HD and it is the best Pool Game I have found anywhere ..... it just will not get past the splash screen no matter how long I leave it on ..... :sob:

Here is a screen shot of the Pool Nation FX and it shows the splash screen and also on the left hand side under the game selection it shows it to be running ..... anyone have any ideas ?????? .....

Use Proton 5.13-4 or Proton 4.11-9

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Yesterday stealed my account on steam.

I am not in this country.
Then from steam servers they go to my paypal account.
That means the steam server have poor firewals security server?
I deleted my account on paypal and waiting for technical support from steam.
Then i will considered decision if delete steam account and never back.

That means i need create a new e-mail and forward my all accounts to new e-mail? Because all my private data are leaked?
Checked on webside

I didn't show either of these in my Proton choices but I did find something like 5.16 which was the closest to 5.13 ..... but it did load and start so now I just have to try it out later .....

Thank you sir

I don't know how much trust I'd put into this and it really depends on how secure your passwords are.

It gives email and passwords together... meaning that it may be that your email was leaked as part of the data collection. Most passwords are not stored, but rather a hash of that password. Reverse engineering a password can take years depending on length and what character sets you include in it.

My email is listed for seventeen different sites, including Twitter (we all know they got hacked multiple times). My accounts are secure though. PayPal, cash app and my bank have seen no unauthorized attention.

This is because I use a minimum of 15 character passwords using four character sets... good luck figuring them out with a super computer!

Your email, at least, has been associated with that company and they had a breach.. so it is out there. You already give out your email regularly, willingly and unknowingly.

Are your passwords good though?! There's the issue. If you think they are too simple (less than ten characters and you only used the minimum character sets) then yes, go through all that. If you are more security conscious, don't worry about it other than to monitor for unusual activity in your account.

Being security conscious allows you to be secure when data breaches occur. Then you know you're still secure and the only thing they have is a name and email, at most.


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