Proton non-native games won't start

I'm facing an issue with Steam, it seems like non-native games won't start.
They are not crashing, neither telling anything useful. They just hang on starting forever.
I had other problems with Lutris so I made a clean install of Zorin OS (which solved Lutris issues), hence I doubt it's something related to some misconfig.
Just to point out, I had the same problem before reinstalling.

The games are installed on an external ext4 drive, but again, native games are opening without problems.

I have tried to run steam via CLI (I have installed it via deb package in order to avoid problems with external drives) but nothing happens.

Does someone have any idea?

Thanks in advance!

Are you use flatpak version on steam? If yes, please check this:

flatpak --version


Note: You need Flatpak version 1.12 or later to be able to run Proton 5.13 and newer.


Ahh now i see that you use deb package. i suggest that you try flatpak version! Zorin is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and possible that is a dependency problem.

If use external disk, use this command:

flatpak override --user --filesystem=/path/to/your/Steam/Library com.valvesoftware.Steam

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Also, under Steam > Settings > Compatibility
Do you have "Enable Steam Play for Supported Titles" Enabled?
"Enable Steam Play for all other titles" enabled...
Run with: "Proton (Choose version. I use 'experimental')"


@vamp : isn't it possible to use flatpak with all disks? The point on using the deb version is that I'd like to run some specific games on NVMe, while all the others on a normal SSD.
Also, you mentioned dependencies problems: are you talking about issues related to Proton? Because as said, native games are running without any problem.

@Aravisian : I have that config enabled, I did try with Proton experimantal, 8, and 7. None of them succeeded.

Try this:

flatpak override --user --filesystem=/path/to/your/NVMe/Steam/Library --filesystem=/path/to/your/SSD/Steam/Library com.valvesoftware.Steam

or if you like the gui apps, you able to use Flatseal


Ahh i see that @Aravisian also suggest it :slight_smile:

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There is also flatseal that provides a GUI application to determine these permissions.

Bear in mind that the themes portion may not work as expected due to gtk4 being used in most flatpak applications.

it is the reason that I really like Flatpak! No matter, what version of apps your distribution uses, inside the sandbox, all necessary dependencies (and correct version) are available!

See Zorin! lot of apps latest version can not possible to install because 20.04 ubuntu dependencies are too old, but it not matter, if you use flatpak!

Got your point.
Alright, I will try instaling a game via Flatpak Steam and I will update you.

@Aravisian sorry but.. if the world was a tty I would appreciate it more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh no worries. I am the Same Way.

I offer GUI options because many people ask for them often.

Alright, this is working: games are opening :slight_smile:
However, it seems like the controller is not working

Edit: it's not working only on non-native games. I've tried with Cuphead and it's working with no issues.

Try this

It also help you, i think:

It say similar problem

Weirdly enough it does only work for native games, I just noticed. Maybe due to switch controller driver not being os-wide yet? Does your XBox controller work in Proton games?

I got this working in dolphin using the steam udev rules mentioned in this thread and then switching the steam desktop config to controller. Should work in rpcs3 too.


This seems to be related to the Switch Pro controller, I'm trying to use an xbox one

Edit: it seems I'm just stupid. I have enabled "Enable Steam input for xbox controller" and it's now working.

Thanks a lot everyone!


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