ProtonDB on Zorin OS16

There are certain games on proton DB that are, “Borked”, or bronze, or have other glitch/crashing issues. Will valve ever make ALL MS games comparable for the games that don’t work?

This could be asked of bungie, ea and other major game developers. Some are willing to do a little, but it's not where the majority of their profits are made. Steam does its best to create Middleware (Proton), but it won't be as efficient as when you play it on the platform it was created for.

Maybe in the next few years, as people Migrate from Windows to other platforms (Mac and Linux) the market share will increase and cause companies to notice. Until then you can run a virtual machine with windows on it or dual boot (so you don't sacrifice/split hardware resources).

Once people let the companies know that they don't want to be restricted to a platform, things will gradually change... until then, we do the best we can.