I can't find a thread I thought I participated in earlier on this topic. So my apologies for not continuing there.

For those of you using ProtonMail, do you use just the web browser or do you prefer to use it with the Electron email client? Regarding installing Electron, I only find it available via Snap. As a Linux newbie, I have picked up on what seem to be a fair amount of concerns with Snap. Any other way to install Electron if it is even needed?

I just use the browser.

Looking it up, I came across this warning which had me rolling:

The following app is built with Electron (the name is ElectronMail for a reason). If the use of Electron upsets you, please consider this a trigger warning.

The website above includes a download link for .deb packages:

Pardon my ignorance but what is this big deal about Electron?

Honestly... I am not sure,myself.

Perhaps it is a bit like a web developer frowning on Wix or Wordpress.
I can certainly see that side of it...
But using a Builder-framework like Electron also can open the door for new developers that might not have otherwise gotten started.

I only know a few Electron apps but quite often they are very nice looking. Atom editor came to my mind.

Thanks again, I feel like I should refer to you all as Team Zorin Help. Since it sounds like web browser if fine I will probably just use that. But I have saved the .deb file link in case I find the browser lacking along the way.

I am testing ProtonMail and Tutanota. Curious for any of your thoughts comparing the two if you have an opinion. That is if you enjoy replying. Don't feel obligated. The "Team" is "above and beyond" already.

I have been using Protonmail for quite a while.
It only allows a limited storage of 500MB storage and 150 messages per day in the free version. Honestly, I consider this a selling point as I always had the Bad Habit of not cleaning out my inbox. This makes me do it.
And I do not see me getting 150 emails per day. :expressionless: I hope that never happens.

I have read dissenting opinions. I take them with a grain of salt.

I've never had any trouble with it. Used to be able to use custom css in it- the latest update a couple weeks ago removed that feature. I am kinda miffed about that.

I'll fix that for you. Muwhahahaha :innocent:

By the way, *I'll give Proton a shot. One step further away from Google, Microsoft etc.

One reason I am looking to change is to get away from all the emails. So 150 / day limit is a good thing for me. And yes, one step more step away from Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. is definitely a good thing.

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