PS4 Controller? 720P USB camera

My PS4 controller isn't being recognized under Zorin 16 Pro. The trackpad works as a mouse, but in Steam it doesn't do anything.
I read the similar topic, and I'm getting notification that it sees something, but when I get i a game nothing works.

What am I missing?

Also Cheese sees my Webcam, but only allows me 640 resolution even though mywebcam does 720p.

In steam, in the upper left corner click steam -> settings. With the controller attached, open the controller settings, ensure ps4 controller support is checked. You may want to uncheck other controller support (so it doesn't get confused).

Though steam supports the ps4 controller, Linux may not recognize it unless you're running a custom kernel. Steam will have to be running in order to connect and use the controller.

Thanks. I did all that, but only the touchpad seems to do anything. I'm trying GTA San Andreas and when I get into the game nothing happens.

Weird, my ps4 controller works fine without cable ?

For whatever reason, when connected, it is detected as an xbox controller, no matter what settings are configured as...i haven't figured out a way to change it.

Well, I don't know why, but analog sticks are working under bluetooth now. Buttons and triggers still do nothing.

Also, I'm unable to reconnect Bluetooth. I always have to remove pairing and reconnect.

Playstation 4 dualshock driver:

sudo pip install ds4drv

Connect your Ps4 controller

With the DS4DRV driver working, it’s time to connect it to the system to use it on Linux. Plug in your PS4 controller into the USB port on your PC. Alternatively, hold down the Share + PS button to enter it into Bluetooth mode. From there, follow this guide to learn how to pair it to your computer wirelessly.

Once you’ve got your PS4 controller paired to your Linux PC, return to the terminal and run ds4drv.

ds4drv --hidraw

pip: command not found

My linux game is weak, and I've NEVER used a gampad before. Last game system I had was a Colecovision.

A little update. I decided to try GTA V, and the controller works fine. Seems like it's GTA:SA that had a problem.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install python3-pip

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