PSA: Never do piracy

Regarding my first post, I apologize heavily for requesting piracy.
Maybe you're right.

Piracy never solves things.

I have officially learnt my lesson regarding this: never pirate something developers worked hard on.
It's wrong for me. And you should learn that too.

For ANYONE asking how to get it for free... DON'T.

It's only best to either pay for it, or just stick with the Core edition.

First, Zorin OS Pro comes with free software, not paid.
Second, paying for it means contributing to the project. Piracy never contributes to it.
Three, it's only fair to pay.

I hope you can forgive me for this, and we can all move on from this, and grow up like people.

Thank you for reading.


The current trend on human society is to take advantage of the human desire for conserving energy.
We, as users, complain of this often with big name companies like Facebook, X, Google and Microsoft.
In fact, it is one of the primary drivers that turned many of us to GnuLinux.

Taking a stand is about being firm in our principles because these principles exist for a reason.
This is something that is learned, more than it is taught.
You have to really feel it before it is understood.

There is nothing to forgive. Speaking for myself, I respect learning.


Here! Here!

"It's never easy... but if we turn our backs on our principles we stop being human." ....Captain Janeway - Voyager....

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