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HEY i want a free vpn which should have a decent speed and easy to setup for my laptop because i am linux noobbie so pls share spme free vpn with download links

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Have you tried OpenVPN?

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Didn't test it, but Proton offers a free VPN.


Just use proton VPN if you want a free trustworthy VPN

If you are still concerned about privacy host your own VPN service (I don't know if hosting your own VPN is reliable because you will be the only one using it pls correct me if I am wrong )

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Proton is great but, free for one device only.

Also remember that free VPN's don't offer a large range of ISP addresses ..... and if you don't choose one in your time zone some websites are able to detect your true address .... I know because I live in a country that is know for it's pirating of software and a great many sites will not let you connect to them .... while others just let you connect but know your true address .... which defeats the purpose of a VPN ....

That being said I know nothing about Proton VPN .... I use their free mail service but I prefer a paid for VPN for the reasons I pointed out above ....

There are tons of websites dealling with free vs paid for VPN's .... check some out ..... you will learn a lot ....

Leaking your real IP is a real concern but is most likely due to the browser you are using rather than the VPN itself. One of the most common sources for IP leaks is WebRTC which is enabled by default on browsers.

For some recommendations I would check this page:

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Chances are you're not going to get both. And if you care about privacy or security never use a free vpn. Many of them are honey pots that their purpose is to load malware on your system, steal your information and keylog everything you're doing.

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Proton VPN app is open source so no worries about any malware

but its servers are not opensource

Ya you do a great job

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