PulseAudio-Compat library installation fails

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-compat
[sudo] password for luca:     
Reading package list... Done
Generating dependency tree       
Reading status information... Done
E: Unable to find the package pulseaudio-compat

Am I missing something? I want to see if with this library the audio of retro games on Firefox is played correctly since it's fragmented.

I cannot find this package. I can find a pulseaudio-esound-compat that was present in Bionic...

Might this be an X-Y problem? What is the original issue that you are trying to solve?

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Fragmented audio playing retro games on Firefox. Just to test if my laptop can run them properly, then I'll also consider installing a retro games emulator for more frequent play, probably RetroArch. I'm mostly interested to Ace Combat series so I noticed this issue trying both Ace Combat and Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere but any other has the same problem.

Are these originally flash games?

No, absolutely, I have 2 Flash players for them, an .exe and a flat, I already know how to play them correctly. As I said, it's Ace Combat series so specifically PlayStation consoles. I'd like to make audio being played correctly on Firefox and then I'll consider installing an emulator, but I think that the emulator can anyway play audio correctly since it's supposed to run retro games perfectly and brings his own libraries. Do you think that I can just forget about trying to play audio correctly on Firefox and install directly an emulator? Assuming that I have games ROMs of course.

If it was me, I would. I use a PS emulator and never needed to mess with sound at all...

But then... That doesn't count for much...

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